Can I use a bum gun to clean all parts of my body?

The water in the bum gun is clean, the same water you drink from the tap, and yes we would recommend utilizing the bum gun and bum towels for cleaning pre and post-sexual encounters in all regions of the private areas. It is an essential tool for vaginal and anal cleanliness, and therefore is an essential accessory for life!

I have been using wet-wipes, do these do the same job?

Wet wipes have been marketed to make you believe that they are suitable to go down the toilet. However,  according to the Guardian wet wipes makeup about 93% of the material causing sewage blockages in the UK costing the country about $100 million a year.

Wet wipes take a lot more energy, water and chemicals to make, and contain plastic! So if you are trying to reduce your environmental impact, wet-wipes are a good one to stop!

Is it easy to install and uninstall?

The bum gun is connected to the pipe that fills the toilet, and usually, the hardest part is accessing this pipe in compact bathrooms!

Another potential issue is if the cistern is concealed or built into the wall, and this pipe is even harder to access.

The bum gun can be uninstalled easily and will leave the piping as it was before.

Any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation.

If you would just like the bum gun to fit yourself, then you will need a few spanners and a screwdriver. However, we would recommend it be done by a competent plumber to ensure it is installed to UK standards.

What if i have a bad tummy or infection?

If you have had a bad stomach, and could potentially have a bug then it may be a good idea to resort to using disposable toilet paper as this will maximize the chance of getting the bug out of the vicinity and reduce the risk of spreading the infection.

Does the bum gun just spray cold water?

The bum guns use the water from the cold tap, and we like to think of this as a refreshing splash to the rear end in the name of cleanliness.

It is also possible to install a mixing tap that would allow warm water to come out of the tap, however, this costs more and is dependant on the plumbing configuration in the bathroom.

Can it only be attached on one side?

The bum gun has a 1.5-meter hose that is attached to the toilets plumbing, and there is usually enough length to have the bum gun on your preferable side, whilst not taking up too much space.

What is the difference between a bum gun and a toilet seat bidet?

The bum gun is a more functional version of the rigid bidet toilet seat attachment because you direct the spray. This means you can ensure your bottom is fully sprayed, and even clean the pan if needs be. The bum gun is used from the front side which directs the spray backwards, whereas the bidet attachment sprays forward from the back which can increase the chance of cross contamination.

Will you replace broken / faulty parts?

The product comes with a 1 year guarantee, and we ensure the best quality parts. However if there is an issue, please contact us and we will do everything we can to fix the problem.

Is the product sent in stealth packaging/ will the post-person know what I’m buying?

The bum gun is sent in inconspicuous packaging. However after using this life changing tool you will want to tell the world about it!

Can I install the bum gun my self?

To install the bum gun your self you need a basic knowledge in plumbing and the correct tools to complete the task. And there are videos online showing how to fit a bum gun.

Things to be cautious of:

  • When attaching to the cistern in-feed be careful not to twist the feed as this could create a leak in the seal or twist the flush mechanism in the cistern.
  • When tightening the connections, make sure the rubber o valve is compressed to prevent leaks.
  • All the connections should be wrapped in PTFE tape to prevent leaks.
  • Check for leaks when putting the water back on and tighten the connections if necessary.

How will I know if a bum gun fits onto my toilet?

A bum gun attaches to the pipe that fills up the toilet with water, and yes that is clean drinking water. So if you can see, and access the parts of the toilet circled in the picture then you can attach a bum gun. The biggest issue is if the toilet is built in to the wall and you can’t access these pipes. If you are still unsure please contact me and I will be able to give advice.