Advantages of the Bum Gun

A clean hole's a good hole


Trees were not put on earth to be turned into loo roll! Use less toilet paper with a bum gun.
Mother nature will thank you.


If you got poo on your arm and wiped it off with toilet paper, would your arm be clean?
Wash with water.


Save money using less toilet paper, and utilise water that is already abundant in your bathroom!

A bum gun provides you with a stream of adjustable pressurized clean water.

It is easily attached to your existing toilet, allowing you to clean yourself with water after doing your business.

As the bum gun is connected to a hose it differs from a classic bidet or a seat-mounted spray in that you control the pressure and direction of the water.

This allows you to direct the spray from front to back (especially for women) and even use the spray to clean the pan.

Using a bum gun is more cost-effective, hygienic and sustainable than toilet paper.

We offer to supply and install bum guns

We also provide all the essential and necessary information, procedure and techniques to help you make a smooth and easy transition from toilet paper.

With a background in sustainable management we believe that reducing the amount of toilet paper used will have a positive impact on the environment.

We also see this as a great opportunity to better in cleaner and more hygienic toilet habits that don’t cost the earth.

If this interests you, please don’t hesitate to call to get more information about incorporating bum guns in your lifestyle.

What Bumgun users are saying

Tom Evo

Tom Evo

I could never go back to toilet paper. I miss them when I’m out of the house!

Bruce Martin

Bruce Martin

It was only after staying in a house without a bumgun that I realised what an essential bathroom accessory it is.

Sam Butterworth

Sam Butterworth

Living in a student house of 8 boys, toilet paper is always in high demand, and having a bumgun has removed the toilet paper anxiety!

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