The Long Neck -
The bum gun of choice

Incorporating style, functionality, and durability the long neck has been designed to increase the distance between your hand and the business end of things.

It has a more direct spray than other bum guns making sure that you feel clean after using it. It has an adjustable pressure gauge so you can get the perfect pressure for your derriere!


Some people ask if it is meant to go up your bum, and the answer is no!

The price shown is for the bum gun and these can be fitted by me if you are in Bristol for a small extra installation cost, which includes includes instructions and a Bristol stool chart infographic! So if you are interested please call or email me to discuss getting a quote. 

It is possible to hook up warm water to the bum gun however, this depends on the arrangement of the plumbing in the bathroom. If you are putting in a new bathroom, this could be the perfect opportunity to update the toilet!

To purchase, call, email or text me and i will be able to advise if the bum gun can be fitted to your toilet. If you are in Bristol I will be able to install it for you, and if not i can post it to you and give advice on getting it installed. 

The price is £55 (excluding postage) for the bum gun and all the instillation parts – this kit should be able to fit most toilets but some need extra parts, this is why I ask you to contact me.

I charge £20 labour to come and install it, giving you peace of mind that it is in there properly!